Can dry, itchy, inflamed eczema skin impact your health?


Has living with dry itchy skin become the norm for you? Do you spend your days and sleepless nights scratching those itchy scaly skin?  Does it hurt to watch your child spend his/her days scratching and their skin bleeding? After repeated visits to dermatologists, slopping on corticosteroids cream of different strengths, and continuously applying lotions and creams without any relief from atopic dermatitis, many of us eventually give up hope and accept it as part of life.


Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a condition that causes dry, itchy and inflamed skin. It's common in young children but can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis may disappear on its own but can be chronic as a lifelong affliction. Symptoms can appear anywhere on the body and vary widely from person to person. They may include dry, cracked skin, itchiness, rashes, small raised bumps, oozing and crusting, thickened, darkening of skin, and sensitive skin. Though eczema skin is irritating and embarrassing, it is not contagious.


Those dry, itchy, and inflamed skin from eczema can prevent us from a good night sleep and impact our daily performance.  It plays havoc on our self esteem and mental health.

More important, the skin which is our largest organ plays a critical role in protecting us against external elements bacteria, viruses and harmful chemicals. Atopic dermatitis is not only irritating, it weakens our skin’s protective barrier, exposing us to these harmful elements. In children, atopic dermatitis has been shown to increase their risk to asthma and hypersensitivity. Chronically inflamed skin also contains high levels of inflammatory chemicals. The chemicals released by diseased and dysfunctional skin soon enter the bloodstream, reach and harm organs that seem entirely unrelated, including your heart and brain, having a profound impact on your overall health. So leaving it untreated may be more harmful to our health than we realize.


To treat eczema, iI is critical to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. Corticosteroid cream and ointment is the first line of therapy prescribed to supress inflammation, but its chronic use can lead to unwanted side effects.  Corticosteroid cream and ointment also lack the lipid components needed to rejuvenate the damaged skin’s protective barrier. Frequent applications of lotions and creams are recommended to maintain skin hydration. Like corticosteroid cream and ointment, they do not seem to effective in relieving eczema symptoms.  First, they contain almost 70% water and very little of the lipids needed to rebuild your skin’s protective barrier. Second, to stabilize creams and lotions, additives such as a surfactants and preservatives are added. While surfactants prevent the lipids in your creams and lotions from separating from the water, it can also strip the lipids from your skin’s protective barrier and further weaken it. Preservatives added in the lotions and creams to prevent bacterial and mold growth can further aggravate your already sensitive skin.


2naturelle™ moisturizers, 2ReVive and Primrose Nectar, were especially formulated without any water, hence they contain neither surfactant nor preservatives. Water is added upon application by applying our moisturizers directly to wet skin, preferrable after a shower or bath.  Our oil blends were specifically chosen to provide the missing lipids in atopic dermatitis skin to help rebuild and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. In addition, our oils and essential oil also have anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike other lotions and creams, once daily application of 2ReVive or Primrose Nectar will keep your skin hydrate and healthy without side effects. 2Revive is suitable for hands and feet while Primrose Nectar makes a great whole-body moisturizer. Both products are safe for people of all ages.

As your largest organ, your skin’s health can have a profound impact on your overall health. Can you afford to not take care of its well being??

2ReVive and Primrose Nectar were developed by Anh Thu Pham, a pharmacist and formulator who lives with eczema all her life. Visit to learn more about our natural skincare for eczema.